Youth at the Booth

Youth at the Booth is an opportunity for high school students to get hands-on experience working the polls in Hamilton County. Hundreds of high school students, age 17 years or older, have participated in our Youth at the Booth program. They provide a much needed “youth” component to our polling place teams and gain invaluable insight into our grassroots democratic process.

Youth at the Booth Participants:

  • Attend a 3-1/2-hour training class at the Hamilton County BOE
  • Work 6:30-8:30 PM, Monday night (before Election Day) for polling place set up
  • Work 5:30 AM to about 8:45 PM on Election Day
  • Students earn a total of $225.00 for training, Monday & Tuesday
  • Are encouraged to use #youthatthebooth across social media platforms (Twitter, IG, Facebook)

Student Requirements

  • Must be at least 17 years old, a US Citizen & resident of Hamilton County
  • Complete the necessary paperwork – a voter registration form (even if 17 years old) & Student Participation/Parent permission form March 2024 YATB Packet
  • Students must provide their own transportation to training and to poll location
  • Communicate with the Hamilton County BOE Precinct Election Official Supervisors about their assigned training class and poll location assignment

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Make sure each student fills out a voter Registration Form & returns both the Form and the Student agreement/Parent permission slip to the BOE

Students that sign up are contacted directly about their assigned training class & polling place. This program is a win-win for high school students and our community. We have BOE staff that is available to make a short presentation to students at your school, or we can email a link for teachers to access a digital presentation through YouTube.

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Hamilton County Youth at the Booth FAQs

Once you let your teacher know that you want to participate & hand in your paperwork; your teacher will give your name and contact info to the Board of Elections. Precinct Election Official (PEO) Supervisors will call/email you about your Election Day polling place assignment & class assignment for training. Be sure to stay in contact with the PEO Supervisors if you have to make any changes.

A PEO Supervisor will call or email you about a date/time for training that fits with your schedule. All training classes will be held at the BOE, 4700 Smith Rd, Norwood OH 45212.

You are required to have or provide your own transportation to and from training class and your assigned poll location. Please locate your assigned poll location prior to the Monday Night poll location setup so that you will know where you are going to work.

You will not be able to participate in Youth at the Booth. You must be able to complete the training, attend Monday night polling place set-up and work all day on Election Day. You cannot work a partial day at the polls.

The BOE has to make sure a balanced number of Democrats, Republicans, and Non-Affiliated PEOs work at each polling location. You can decide which party you wish to be affiliated with – Democratic, Republican, or Non-Affiliated.

Ohio State Law requires anyone assigned to work the polls to be registered to vote and a special provision allows both 17 & 18 year old students to be poll workers. On the registration form, use your full name, address, birth date, last 4-digits of your social security number OR driver license 6-digit number & signature.

There are several options: you can request to Vote By Mail or you can Vote Early In-Person at the Board of Elections (4700 Smith Road, Norwood, OH 45212) 28 days before Election Day. See the BOE website: for more information or ask your PEO Supervisor.

The dress code for all Precinct Election Officials is business casual clothing – for men: a nice pair of jeans, dress pants & shirt; for women: jeans, dress slacks or skirt & shirt. No sweat pants. You CANNOT wear any political buttons, badges, or t-shirts. Please do not wear shorts or flip flops.

You will get 1 hour for lunch & you can leave the polling location. We also suggest that you bring lunch, snacks, and water to have throughout the day and during breaks.

You may bring your cell phone for emergency calls only. Remember, being a Precinct Election Official is the priority. NO LAPTOP OR IPAD AND DO NOT TEXT WHILE WORKING AS A PRECINCT ELECTION OFFICIAL!

You will be paid $225.00 for your complete participation (training, Monday night set up and Election Day). The BOE requires your social security number for payroll purposes only. You will receive your check payment within 3-4 weeks after the election.

For more information contact:

Raquel Burgos
Elections Administrator
Phone: (513) 632-7066 or Email: [email protected]

Kyle Dallman
PEO Training & Outreach Supervisor
Phone: (513) 632-7005 or Email: [email protected]

Jessica Robinson
PEO Training & Outreach Supervisor
Phone: (513) 632-7004 or Email:[email protected]

Jason Weaver
Precinct Election Official Supervisor
Phone: (513) 632-7041 or Email:[email protected]

Hayley Dressler
Precinct Election Official Supervisor
Phone (513) 632-7042 or Email: [email protected]