Campaign Finance Reporting

Campaign Finance Reporting

If you are thinking about running for office, starting a political action committee (PAC), or want general information contact one of our campaign finance specialists:

Deb Acra at [email protected]  513-632-7014
Storm Boyd at [email protected] 513-632-7013

All questions or concerns regarding violations of campaign finance laws should be directed to the Ohio Elections Commission

Campaign Finance Reports – Search

State and Federal Reports

Search for state or federal reports (Ohio Secretary of State website)

Search for Local Paper Reports

Search for a local candidate or local Political Action Committee that filed a paper report beginning with 2021 reports.

Please contact one of the above campaign finance specialists for assistance:

  • For paper reports of local candidates and Political Action Committees filed prior to 2020
  • For assistance with the Ohio Secretary of State link

Campaign Finance Reports – Reporting

BOe-file Login & Learning Center (Ohio Secretary of State Website)

Campaign Finance Handbook (Ohio Secretary of State Website)

Campaign Finance Contribution Limits (Ohio Secretary of State Website)

Campaign Finance Filing Forms (Ohio secretary of State Website)

Judicial Candidate Information (Ohio Supreme Court Website)

Reporting Deadlines

Financial Disclosure Statements

Candidates and elected officials are required to file financial disclosure statements.
Campaign Finance Disclosure Statements (Ohio Secretary of State website)
Or click on the appropriate website link below: