Voting in an Election

You’re an essential part of our democracy. And we’re here to help eligible voters participate. Whether you want to vote by mail, vote in person at the Board of Elections, or vote on Election Day at your polling place, you have options.

Voting Options

Vote by Mail

You can vote before Election Day by applying for a Vote by Mail ballot.

Vote by Mail Application

Learn more about Voting by mail, military & overseas voting, & tracking your ballot

Vote In Person before Election Day

Anyone registered to vote in Ohio and living in Hamilton County can come to the Board of Elections offices starting about four weeks prior to an election.

Learn more about voting in person before Election Day

Vote on Election Day

Anyone registered to vote in Ohio can go to their local polling place to vote on Election Day.

Learn more about voting on Election Day

Other types of voting

See how to vote from hospitals and nursing homes.

Learn more about special case voting

Assistance with voting

Provisions are made to help all registered voters cast their ballots. Help is available for voters with disabilities at polling places and at the Board of Elections.   

Learn about accessibility at polling locations

What does a ballot look like?

View a sample ballot

Walk me through the process

Check out our guide to voting to see how you can participate in each step.

View Voting 101