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Couldn’t find what you were looking for? We’re here to answer questions and make sure you’re equipped to vote.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Can I request an absentee vote by mail ballot online?

No.  Ohio law requires all absentee voting by mail applications be in paper form with an original signature.

How can I have an absentee vote by mail application form sent to me?

You can download the application or call the Board at 513-632-7039 or 632-7044.  You can also pick up applications at the Board office – 4700 Smith Road, in Norwood or at any of the Hamilton County Library Branches.

Click here to get the absentee vote-by-mail application for the November 2, 2021 General Election.

Click here to get the absentee vote-by-mail application for voters with disabilities to use the remote ballot marking system for any election.

Why have I received multiple absentee vote-by-mail applications?

Other groups and organizations send applications to their targeted voters.  You only need to send in one application.

Where can I drop off my completed absentee vote-by-mail ballot?

In Hamilton County, there is a 24/hour secure drive thru drop box at the Board of Elections office – 4700 Smith Road in Norwood.


Where do I go to vote early, in-person?

You can absentee vote early, in-person at the Board office – 4700 Smith Road in Norwood.  

Click here for the current absentee voting early, in-person dates/times. 

Or, you can vote at your polling location on election day, hours are 6:30am to 7:30pm.

Click here to find your polling location.

Can I vote in-person after I requested an absentee vote-by-mail ballot?

Yes.  If you requested an absentee vote-by-mail ballot and did not vote it, you can absentee vote early, in-person at the Board or at your polling place on election day.  You will be required to vote provisionally until the Board determines your absentee vote-by-mail ballot was not used.

I moved since I last voted, can I still vote in the upcoming election?

Yes.  You can contact the Board (below) and find your new polling place or vote early, in-person at the Board office.

In both cases, you will vote your ballot and place it in a provisional envelope.  The envelope is a change of address form, and once your registration is verified, your ballot will be counted and address updated.

To change your address with the Board, visit our Change of Name or Address page.

Are provisional ballots only counted in close elections?

No.  After the provisional ballots are received at the Board, following election day, they are reviewed to make sure the voter was registered and to cast the ballot.  Then the ballot is counted in the official count.  All validly cast ballots are counted; in Hamilton County we count about 90% of our provisional ballots.

How do I know if my provisional ballot will be counted?

Poll workers will give a provisional voter a hot-line number to call to check the status of their ballot.  If you were a registered voter any where in Ohio and completed all sections and signed on the provisional envelope, your ballot should be counted.

How do I select or change my party affiliation designation?

In Ohio, party affiliation is based on the party ballot selected at a primary.  In most cases, voters can choose a democratic, republican or issues only ballot – although sometimes there are minor party options.  Your party affiliation will stay on your voting record for two years or until you select a party ballot at a new primary.

How do I sign up to be a poll worker? 

Click here to apply

Can I train online to be a poll worker?

Poll workers are required to attend an in-person training class, scheduled with their PEO Coordinator. Online training serves as a refresher before Election Day only, and completion of the refresher is not a sufficient condition for being a poll worker. 

How do I get an issue on the ballot? 

Visit this page to find all the information needed to get an issue on the ballot. 

How can I be a candidate for elected office?

We recommend that you visit the Board office at 4700 Smith Road in Norwood.  There are many types of elected offices and petitions.  Board staff can assist and you can also pick up campaign finance information and materials.



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