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March 2020 Presidential Primary Election

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 is the Presidential Primary in Ohio. In this election political parties nominate their candidates for the Presidential General Election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. On March 17, voters select one ballot when they check-in on the ePoll Book. The choices are: Democratic/Issues, Republican/Issues, Issues Only and voters in the 1st Congressional District may also select Libertarian/Issues. A 17-year old, registered to vote & turning 18-years old on or before November 3rd, may vote in the Primary for the selection of candidates. In Ohio, a voter’s party affiliation – Democratic, Republican or Libertarian – will be listed in the voter’s registration file based on the ballot they selected at the primary. A voter is considered a member of a political party if they voted in that party’s primary. This designation continues for the next two calendar years unless they vote in any other party primary.

Certified March 2020 Presidential Primary Candidates and Issues List

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46 Day Notice

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Polling Location List


Date Chart - Deadlines and Hours for the Election

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Equipment Allocations

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